"वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम"
“Vasudha” represents 'the earth'; “iva” implies ‘is’; and “kutumbakam” symbolizes ‘family’.  We, at Earthling, believe in "the world is one family".

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Lotus Seeds

Lotus Seed or lotus nuts are edible kernels of the lotus plant. Packed with rich contents of protein, B vitamins, and dietary minerals, they are said to have several health benefits.

Black Chana (Chickpea)

Black Chana or blackgrams are a good source of antioxidants and revered to promote heart health. Rich in fibre, they are said to control the cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.

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Just enjoying these, bought at last weekend's @newforestveganfestival ... yumm-eeeee!!

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Save the date - '19th Jan, 2020'. This Sunday drop in at Winchester Vegan Festival.

The bean and mushroom burger was so amazing. The best vegan burger I ever had. Thank you.